Sirius began in 1988 formed from a captive model shop within an architectural practice in Leeds. An exhibit that requires some form of physical input by the user with the express intention of creating an increased understanding of the subject on which the exhibit is based.

We make interactive exhibits varying in complexity from the very simplest flap or flip book to a programmed electro-mechanical multi stage exhibit..

We will be more than happy to help you develop your ideas into a sustainable, efficient and cost effective interactive exhibit.


Usually a representation of something much larger......but not always. Usually static but again not always. Generally they serve to explain that which is not easily explained by a drawing or picture, often able to put isolated elements in context . Easily understood by all age groups and uninhibited by language barriers.......they speak for themselves!

We have been making models of every sort and size for decades. We are confident we can help you put one of these to very good use!


A themed display usually life size that recreates a location either real or imagined.

From a couple of shovels propped against a wall to a town-scape. This is truly an area with unlimited possibilities. We have a team who have built stone-age burial kists, nineteenth century docksides and Edwardian streets..................what do you fancy?

Figurative work

Representation, often but not always of human subjects, used to communicate atmosphere and give objects or places a sense of reality or human context.

Either a fully sculpted form or a dressed mannequin these are very much an area of personal taste, we can cover any variation required to suit your situation.